The Loisachtal cross-country ski loop in Zugspitzland

    Cross-country skiing with imposing views of the Zugspitze

    • Loipenvielfalt beim Winterurlaub in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Groesstes Skilanglaufgebiet in Bayern die Zugspitz-Region
    • Winterurlaub mit Langlaufski in der Zugspitz-Region in Bayern

    The Loisachtal Nordic loop in the Zugspitzland region will make every cross-country skier's heart leap for joy: 31 kilometers (19.3 mi.) of trails take you through awesome snow-covered winter scenery without any steep inclines. After skiing along mountain streams, past the small towns in the Loisachtal valley with magnificent mountains on both sides, you will surely agree: Zugspitzland offers the perfect setting for cross-country skiing.

    Tracks in the snow for a blissful vacation

    Breathe in the fresh, crisp mountain air, feel at one with the outdoors, soak in the sunrays and glide soundlessly through the valley bordered by majestic mountains - discover the winter vacation you have been longing for in Zugspitzland. While you ski through this white winter wonderland, your muscles and joints will gently be strengthened while you enjoy emotional relaxation and freedom. 100 kilometers (62 mi.) of immaculately groomed tracks in Zugspitzland invite winter sports enthusiasts to a journey of discovery. All of the tracks are groomed daily and can be used at no charge. They are easily accessible on foot from many accommodations.


    The Loisachtal loop - for beginners and experts alike

    The Loisachtal loop is suited for novice and expert skiers alike. This world-class loop of 30 km (18.6 mi.) leads through a nature preserve and connects the towns of Oberau, Farchant and Eschenlohe, far from road traffic. The loop starts at Sportzentrum-Föhrenheide in Farchant. Skiers first glide along the Loisach mountain stream, then through beautiful open woodlands and meadows while heading north towards Oberau. Then they ski back to the start past Farchant and Eschenlohe with the Zugspitze and the other Werdenfels mountains always in view. You don't have to ski the entire loop, as there are individual smaller loops that can be combined at will.


    Winter vacationers love the Zugspitzland region - not just because of the immense network of Nordic ski trails. We invite you to come and enjoy a vacation in the winter wonderland of Bavaria and follow the tracks in the snow.

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