Get to know the Ammergau Alps while hiking the Meditation Trail

    One step at a time to gain new strength and inner peace

    • Meditation im Urlaub nahe der Zugspitze in Bayern
    • Wasser als Kraftspender auch im Urlaub
    • Scheibum bei Oberammergau im Ammergebirge in den Alpen

    Follow a flaming heart to inner peace and serenity in unspoiled nature with exquisite cultural treasures. Experience a pilgrimage to yourself - with the Meditation Trail in the Ammergau Alps guiding you.


    To appreciate the Meditation Trail, you need not be a religious person. You will discover new strength along the trail, find yourself while leaving behind the hectic pace and stress of daily life - one step at a time. During your hike through a region where nature is still intact and cultural treasures abound, you will hike through tranquil towns, pass beautiful sights such as the Passion Theater in Oberammergau and the Kloster Ettal monastery or the wildly romantic Ammertal valley, explore the Hörnle Aussichtsberg (Lookout Mountain) or - not far from Bad Kohlgrub - the marshy grounds of the Moor shrouded in mystery.

    The Meditation Trail leads from the Wieskirche church near Steingaden to Schloss Linderhof, King Ludwig's castle located in the Graswangtal valley near Ettal.


    Physical, intellectual and spiritual renewal

    Hiking the Meditation Trail is truly one of the best ways to get to know the Ammergau Alps. Mind you, it is equally rewarding whether you discover the Meditation Trail in six daily stages or determine your own objectives depending on your personal preferences. In any case, you will come closer to discovering yourself with each stride. Explore the various stations along the trail to draw strength and at the same time immerse yourself in the history of this vacation region.


    The Meditation Trail in the Ammergau Alps in brief:

    • The entire length is 87 km (54 mi.)
    • Starts at the Wieskirche pilgrimage church in Steingaden and goes to Schloss Linderhof (Linderhof Castle) located in the Graswangtal valley near Ettal.
    • 15 diverse stations, from world famous structures and secluded chapels to one-of-a-kind natural monuments
    • 6 daily stages Explore the beautiful landscape of the Ammergau Alps and select the Zugspitze Region as your vacation destination in Bavaria.

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