Explore the Ammergau Alps while riding the Plansee Round

    Explore the Ammergau Alps while riding the Plansee Round

    • Planseerunde mit dem Bike durch die Berge der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Sonne tanken im Herbst am Plansee
    • Mountainbike-Urlaub in den Ammergauer Alpen in Bayern

    Pedal at your leisure while the magnificent landscape of the Ammergau Alps rolls by. It's a sheer delight for any mountain biker who enjoys an active vacation in the Zugspitze Region. The Ammergau Alps are a true cycling paradise: around 500 km (311 mi.) of delineated bike trails and paths plus excellent bicycle service stations. The many exciting options will have you jumping into the saddle and embarking on a journey of discovery through Bavaria's largest nature preserve. The Plansee Round is a classic cycling route and is very popular with young and old, amateur or professional alike. This challenging mountain bike tour with 900 m (559 mi.) elevation change begins in Oberammergau.


    The Ammergau Alps offer mountain bike riders of all skill levels infinite variety: from laid-back rides to strenuous climbs and tricky downhill descents. In the Ammergau Alps, every cyclist can find a route to match their strength and skills. The scenery is magnificent and fantastic views of the cliffs and peaks of the Wetterstein mountains await cyclists around every bend on the mountain bike ride around Plansee.


    The first sight of the Plansee, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps, will be forever etched in your memory. A swim in the refreshing sapphire blue water is the perfect reward on this ride. Does your dream vacation include mountain bike rides with gorgeous scenery? If so, the Ammergau Alps with their picture-perfect mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers will make your dream come true. Inquire today to find the perfect accommodation for your active vacation on two wheels in the Zugspitze Region!

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