Mountain Hike up to the Soiernhaus Lodge & the Top of Schöttlkarspitze

    In the footsteps of King Ludwig

    • Bergwelt Karwendel in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Isartal zu Fuessen des Karwendelgebirges in Bayern
    • Bergwanderung mit Ausblick in der Alpen

    This extensive mountain hike takes you to the Soiernhaus lodge and the top of Schöttlkarspitze. And King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was known for his eccentric, romantic predilections, was himself rowed here over the shimmering Soiernsee lakes in the light of a full moon.


    Diverse landscape. Mountain goats, marmots and other wildlife. A spectacular view of the Karwendel range in Bavaria. This challenging hike is chock full of charm. King Ludwig II himself cherished the view of these mountains and the Soiernsee lakes that in the vernacular were also called "the eyes of heaven." In 1866, he had a royal hunting lodge built - the predecessor of today's Soiernhaus. The steep and varied Lakaiensteig path gave the King's servants a quick way up. Today it provides a great alternative to the forest road.


    Where the fairytale king drank his tea

    You'll never forget the magnificent view of the picturesque Soiernkessel glacial basin and its two lakes. King Ludwig II also loved this view. Back then the fairytale king was rowed across the lakes by boat.

    You can reach the Soiernhaus directly, at an altitude of 1,610 meters (5,281 ft.), from Krün via the Fischbachstrasse forest road. From the Fischbachalm lodge, you continue on the Lakaiensteig, a steep, narrow path. if you haven't had enough, you can hike up to the 2,050 meter (6,724 ft.) high Schöttlkarspitze. There used to be a gazebo up there, where the extravagant king drank his tea.


    Highlights of the mountain hike:

    • if you're lucky, you may see some wildlife such as mountain goats and marmots at higher elevations
    • the Soiernhaus lodge with a spectacular panoramic view is located below the Schöttlkarspitze in the Karwendel mountain range in Bavaria
    • the route is certainly long, but the climb of about 1,000 meters (3,280 ft.) is conveniently spread over the entire route.

    Do you, too, want to follow in the footsteps of the fairytale king? Then, you should vacation in the Karwendel Alpine region.

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