The enchanting Buckelwiesen alpine meadows of Mittenwald

    An unbelievable spectacle of nature

    • Urlaub in den Bergen in Mittenwald
    • Urlaub im Fruehling in den Bayerischen Alpen
    • Bergpanorama in der Alpenwelt Karwendel

    When the first signs of spring awakening appear, the famous Buckelwiesen hummocky meadows in Mittenwald are already turning into a sea of blooming colors. More than 200 plant species decorate this incredible paradise in the Zugspitze Region. In the springtime, the alpine meadows become dotted with lilac crocuses .

    The Buckelwiesen alpine meadows of Mittenwald and their seasons

    Right after the snow has melted, you can enjoy the sight of the harbingers of spring during your vacation in the Karwendel Alpine World. The crocuses announce the first warms days after the cold winter. In May, fields of gentian flowers transform the rolling alpine meadows into a stunning sea of royal blue. This sight is especially spectacular near Schloss Kranzbach, a hotel and castle. You can also find the Buckelwiesen alpine meadows while walking past small lakes, along the broad shores of the wild Isar River, through the mysterious Leutasch Ghost Gorge, or up the picturesque Kranzberg mountain from the bottom of the T-bar lifts, among other places. No matter what time of year you come to Alpenwelt Karwendel - the unique and tranquil Buckelwiesen alpine meadows of Mittenwald are incredibly beautiful and will have you feeling one with nature.


    An environmentally protected natural attraction with numerous awards

    Today, the Buckelwiesen alpine meadows of Mittenwald are under environmental protection. Whereas meadows like this were once common in the Alps and the Alpine foothills, the Buckelwiesen of Mittenwald now form the largest of the few remaining areas of these unique flowering meadows. The local farmers must work hard to preserve this rare landscape. They employ traditional methods of cultivation: the grass is still cut with a scythe in this part of the Karwendel Alpine World,. No fertilizers are used. Instead, herds of sheep and goats graze here. The farmers' hard work to preserve this rare and beautiful cultivated landscape in the Zugspitze Region has been rewarded with numerous international rewards.


    So make sure to enjoy unforgettable moments in this picture-perfect cultivated landscape while hiking through the Buckelwiesen alpine meadows of Mittenwald surrounded by fields of blooming gentians, crocuses, bird's-eye primrose, and many other exquisite wildflowers.

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