The Murnauer Moos marshland – stunning diversity

    Experience nature in the Zugspitze Region

    • Wanderurlaub vor der Zugspitze in Bayern
    • Auszeit im Wanderurlaub durch das Murnauer Moos in Bayern
    • Mythos Moos in den Bayerischen Alpen
    • Nebel im Moos bei Murnau vor den Alpen

    You will find it in the heart of the Blue Land, one of the four unique landscapes in the Zugspitze Region: the Murnauer Moos marshland. Here, the intimate contact with Mother Nature lets you experience wondrous relaxation. The Murnauer Moos is one of the largest uninterrupted marshlands in Central Europe. To the south, it stretches from Murnau to the town of Eschenlohe and to the west to the town of Grafenaschau.

    Discover Mother Nature in the Murnauer Moos marshland

    Covering a surface of 32 km2 (12.4 mi2), the Murnauer Moos is the most important and best preserved marshland in the northern foothills of the Alps. Numerous endangered species of plants and animals have a safe habitat in this magnificent nature preserve in the Blue Land.


    More than 1,000 different ferns and flowering plants are found in this alpine marshland in southern Bavaria. It is irrigated by a myriad of streams and decorated by colorful natural meadows of orchids and other flowers as well as rare relics of the Ice Age. Especially beautiful: in the springtime, blue iris transforms the area into a magnificent sea of color.


    Relaxation in the Blue Land

    Experience the vista of the rugged cliffs of the Wetterstein range with the Zugspitze, the paths through a picture-perfect, pristine, natural landscape, and the flowering meadows with all your senses. Hiking or cycling through the Murnauer Moos marshland in the Blue Land is an experience you will never forget. A loop trail of 12 km (7.5 mi.) follows the course of streams and winds through the meadows. You can also choose to go on a guided nature tour or experience tour.


    Discover the largest uninterrupted marshland in the northern foothills of the Alps during your vacation in the Zugspitze Region. Enjoy the tranquility of this nature preserve and revitalize before you return to everyday life.


    Make the Blue Land your vacation destination. Don't wait, start gathering information on the numerous options awaiting you in this diverse natural wonderland today.

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