Autumn Hiking Weeks in Grainau, Farchant, and Oberau

    Guided hikes in the hiking paradise of the Zugspitze Region

    • Herbstlicher Blick vom Eibsee hinauf zur Zugspitze in Bayern
    • Wanderpause und kuehle Erfrischung beim Kneippen in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Herbststimmung am Eibsee bei Grainau unterhalb der Zugspitze
    • Wasserfälle beim Wandern im Herbst in der Zugspitz-Regioin entdecken

    How about an herbal hike where you can find out all kinds of interesting information about the healing powers of the regional herbs? Or a hike to King Ludwig's Schachen Palace? Or perhaps you prefer a classical hiking tour from one mountain lodge to the other? No matter what your preferences are, the popular Autumn Hiking Weeks in Grainau, Farchant, and Oberau offer hikes to suit every taste.


    Vacations in Grainau have all of four weeks to go on guided mountain hikes and tours of varying difficulty to the most beautiful hiking destinations in the Zugspitze Region. If you are staying at an accommodation in Grainau, the hikes are even free of charge. All you need to do is sign up. You can even earn a Grainau Hiking Needle or the Golden Hiking Badge while enjoying your scenic hikes.


    The more the merrier: hiking in a group

    A guided mountain hike offers several important advantages. Hiking in a group can be fun, it is safe, and you don't need to worry about searching for the route. An experienced hiking guide or mountain guide will accompany you. They will show you beautiful sights that you would not discover on your own. By the way: the towns of Farchant and Oberau also offer hiking weeks in the autumn.


    The Autumn Hiking Weeks are perfect for you if you love

    • to climb mountain tops - fantastic views
    • rustic Alpine lodges where you can relax with a bite to eat and drink
    • go on leisurely hikes in a magnificent landscape with stunning vistas in the autumn.


    Have we aroused your Wanderlust? Then come to the beautiful Zugspitzland and take part in our fantastic Autumn Hiking Weeks.

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