The Almabtrieb festivities when the livestock is driven down from the alpine pastures in the fall & the Bauernwochen farmers' weeks in the Alpenwelt Karwendel region

    Genuine customs are still practiced in the Alpenwelt Karwendel vacation region

    • Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof mit Almabtrieb in Bayern
    • Bauern in Bayern treiben ihre Kuehe von der Alm ins Tal
    • Bauernwochen und Almabtrieb zwischen Zugspitze und Karwendel
    • Bauernwochen in Kruen in der Alpenwelt Karwendel in Bayern
    • In Lederhose und Dirndl werden die Kuehe von den Bauern ins Tal gebracht

    If you want to experience genuine tradition firsthand, you will be delighted with the small towns in this part of the beautiful Zugspitze Region. Be it thanksgiving processions, the traditional Almabtrieb, when the livestock is ceremoniously driven and led down into the valley from the mountain pastures, or sumptuous farmers' markets - when late summer is celebrated in Bavaria, there is a special treat for everyone.


    The Almabtrieb festivities when the livestock is led down from the alpine pastures in the fall - experience customs in Bavaria up close

    The extensive and varied options available here make the Karwendel Alpine World the perfect destination in every season. The area is especially popular in the late summer and early fall when the Almabtrieb is celebrated and the farmers' markets take place. The Almabtrieb marks the end of summer in the mountains in Bavaria. After about 100 days in the alpine pastures, the animals return to the valley in September where they spend the winter. The goats, horses, mountain sheep. cattle, and cows that spend the summer in alpine pastures are decorated elaborately and ceremoniously driven and led down into the valley amidst lively festivities. In the Alpenwelt Karwendel region, the Almabtrieb is accompanied by the traditional Farmers' Weeks.


    Farmers' Weeks in the late summer

    When the harvest moon shines, Indian Summer lets the summer linger on a little longer, and the leaves begin to turn, the time has come: from September to the beginning of October, the Farmers' Weeks are on in Alpenwelt Karwendel. Farmers' markets, Alm fests and ceremonious processions keep both locals and visitors alike busy and happy during this time of seasonal transition.


    Experience the typical Bavarian enjoyment of life in the late summer. Look forward to an unparalleled, memorable vacation in the Karwendel Alpine World in the heart of the magnificent Zugspitze Region in the late summer. Don't wait: request information on accommodations and the numerous other highlights in this extraordinary vacation region today!

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