The Zugspitz Ultratrail: a trail run around Bavaria’s highest peak

    Athletic highlights on the Zugspitze

    • Laeufer auf dem Weg zum Gipfel der Zugpitze beim Zugspitz-Ultratrail in Grainau
    • Sportliches Highlight ist der Zugspitz-Ultratrail in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Laeuferin im Ziel beim Zugspitz Ultratrail in der Zugspitz-Region Bayern

    There are numerous possibilities for exploring the Zugspitze. Some vacationers simply take in the fantastic vista from the top of Germany's highest mountain. Others climb to the summit as part of an awesome, strenuous alpine hike. And then there are those who run around the Zugspitze mountain - for example, in the Zugspitz Ultratrail race.

    Long-distance running in the Zugspitze Region

    Unforgettable impressions, athletic highlights, a fantastic outdoor experience, and indescribable emotions. The world renowned, impressive Zugspitze range forms the setting of this extraordinary challenge for alpine athletes. The unique trail run around Germany's highest mountain took place for the fourth time already in June of 2014. Four routes of varying distances led the participants around the imposing peak.


    In principle, everyone can take part, but the statistics of the routes speak for themselves: in the supreme challenge, the Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail, runners cover no less than 100 km (62.1 mi.) and 5,420 m (17,782 ft.) of elevation change nonstop. Anyone attempting this race should have acquired experience in alpine terrain and, not to mention, have lots of endurance and good coordination.


    Grainau and Mittenwald gain a worldwide reputation as trail running centers

    There are three other disciplines besides the Ultratrail. The Basetrail starting in Mittenwald is a little more laid back. However, runners in this race still have to master 35.6 km (22.1 mi.) and 1,892 (6,207 ft.) of altitude difference, offering newcomers a perfect opportunity for getting their first taste of trail running.


    An overview of the individual races:

    • Ultratrail: 100 km (62.1 mi.) and 5,420 (17,782 ft.)
    • Supertrail XL: 79.3 km (49.3 mi.) and 4,156 m (13,635 ft.)
    • Supertrail: 60.7 km (37.7 mi.) and 2,973 m (9754 ft.)
    • Basetrail: 35.9 km (22.3 mi.) and 1,892 m (6207 ft.)


    The Zugspitze Region attracts many runners and other athletes to the Zugspitze every year with this fantastic program of running events - when is it your turn? Don't wait: book your personal base camp accommodation for this event today!


    Come and start your trail running training today already and become familiar with the route before the starting pistol is fired next summer. After all, practice makes perfect - and the Zugspitze Region is the perfect destination for your vacation in every season.


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