The King Ludwig Race in Oberammergau

    Visitors from all over the world come together in a small village in Bavaria

    • Teilnehmer am Koenig-Ludwig-Lauf in Oberammergau in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Beim Langlauf-Wettbewerb des Koenig-Ludwig-Laufs in Oberammergau kaempfen die Sportler um die besten Plaetze
    • Im Ziel angekommen beim Koenig-Ludwig-Lauf in der Zugspitz-Region Garmich-Partenkirchen

    More than 4000 participants from all over the world, four cross-country ski races on two days, and distances ranging from 50 to 23 km (31 to 14.3 mi.) - that is the King Ludwig Race in Oberammergau, the second largest folk ski race in Europe.


    The cross-country ski event in southern Bavaria is a truly unique sports competition where recreational cross-country skiers can test their endurance and skills on the tracks alongside the pros. Skate skiing in the tracks of King Ludwig II A long time ago, the forest service roads in the Graswang Valley were exclusively reserved for King Ludwig II, who resided in his remote palace there, Schloss Linderhof, for eight years.


    Today, cross-country skiers from all over glide along these very roads on their skis in the winter.The King Ludwig Race owes its name to this period. The locals lovingly call it the "Luggi" race after his nickname. It is the second largest folk ski race in Europe after the Swedish Vasaloppet. Every year, it attracts more than 4000 participants from all over the world to this unmatched cross-country ski destination in the Ammergau Alps


    The King Ludwig Race: the ultimate cross-country ski event in Oberammergau

    The high altitude location of Oberammergau and the entire Ammergau Alps make them predestined as a venue for this competition. Be it skate skiers or classic cross-country skiers, young or old - every participant will find just the competition to match their skills. The main distances are 50 km and 23 km (31 mi. and 14.3 mi.); the "Mini Kini" for children covers 5 km (3.1 mi.). The race starts in Ettal on the first weekend of February each year. The Finish is in the Oberammergau sports center. The traditional, long distance leads through the Linderhof palace park, offering racers a special experience along their way.


    The competition established in 1968 has since become part of the Worldloppet and Euroloppet races, the cross-country series of the German Ski Association (DSV-Skilanglauf-Serie), and the Ski-Classics Series. More than 90,000 skiers have already taken part.


    Are you a passionate cross-country ski yourself, or perhaps we have aroused your curiosity? Then why not come to Oberammergau and take part in the King Ludwig Race or experience it firsthand as a spectator!


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