Freshly caught fish from the Blue Land

    Fish from Seehausen

    • Fliegenfischen am Staffelsee bei Murnau in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Traditionelles Fischerstechen am Staffelsee in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Bergpanorama am Staffelsee bei Murnau mit Blick auf die Zugspitze
    • Romantische Stimmung beim Sonnenuntergang am Staffelsee in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    The Blue Land is widely known for its culinary specialties. The inhabitants of this picture-perfect Zugspitze sub-region are proud of their living tradition, the stunningly beautiful landscape, and their cuisine. That is why freshly caught fish from Seehausen is a must-have on a dining table set in true Bavarian style.

    Sustainable fishing tradition

    Freshly caught fish is served in the inns and restaurants in the village of Seehausen and the surrounding area. The fishermen in Seehausen are very mindful of sustainability. In the fishing industry, there are closed seasons and closed areas that are strictly observed. This ensures that only "mature" fish are caught, prepared, and served to the customers.


    Culinary fish delights on Bavaria's dining tables

    Char, zander (pike perch), eel, bass, pike, carp, or tench (Tinca tinca) - the range of fish from Seehausen on the Staffelsee lake is large, varying according to the season and the catch. The fish are sold to restaurants and hotels where they are cooked and served with high-quality ingredients.


    Fishing in Seehausen

    Of course, you can also try catching some fish yourself! At the fishery in Seehausen on the Staffelsee lake, you can either fish from land or by boat. Day passes cost between 6.50 and 14.00 euros. The fishing season is from May 15th to October 15th.

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