Bavarian beer in the Zugspitze Region

    Reinheitsgebot, the strictest purity law for Bavaria’s popular national drink

    • Naturtrueb und frischgezapftes Bier vom Fass im Griesbraeu in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Brauerei Gries in Murnau in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Der Braumeister ueberwacht den Brauvorgang nach dem bayerischen Reinheitsgebot
    • Gute Stube fuer Gaeste im Kargbraeu Murnau in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    In the year 1516, William IV, Duke of Bavaria, decreed the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot. This law states that only water, hops, and barley may be used in the production of Bavarian beer. The Bavarian purity law is still in force today as the guarantor of first-class beers.


    Beer from the Griesbräu brewery in Murnau on the Staffelsee lake - a tradition dating back to 1836

    The Griesbräu world of beer is located right off the shores of the picture-perfect Staffelsee lake in the heart of the enchanting foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Barbara and Michael Gilg have reason to be proud of their family-owned brewery, the Griesbräu, where a true appreciation of high quality beer comes first. Of course, guests can also enjoy excellent cuisine and book a room in the attached inn. A variety of different brews are produced in the historic vaulted cellar in the brewery: in addition to the palatable Helles (pale), the rustic Dunkles (dark), and the crisp Hefeweizen (wheat beer), special beers are brewed for a year at a time. These include the popular "Bruno" brown beer - virtually an Alt beer - that is served in August and the "Drachenblut" (Dragon's Blood), a full-flavored red beer that is reminiscent of the lindworm dragon in the town's coat of arms. Good to know: Today as in the past, beer from the Griesbräu brewery is only served in the vaulted brewery cellar and the adjacent restaurant.


    Bavarian beer tradition: the Karg brewery in Murnau

    Murnau: a true gem for beer lovers. Besides the Griesbräu brewery, this small town is also home to the Karg Weißbier (hefeweizen) brewery that produces distinctive beers in keeping with an old tradition of beer brewing. The venered brewery deliberately specialized in this kind of beer, which they have now been brewing for over 110 years. Top-fermented Weißbier with a reduced concentration of carbon dioxide that continues to ferment in the bottle with live yeast is a popular specialty of the house.

    The beers brewed here include pale and dark hefeweizen, light Hefeweizen, and Weizenbock (wheat bock beer). These fine thirst quenchers are served in the brewery's cozy old serving room.


    Enjoy the many attractions and benefits Murnau has to offer as a vacation destination: in addition to the picture-perfect lakes, the Murnauer Moos marshland, and the unmatched vista of the Wetterstein range with the Zugspitze mountain, Murnau also has its own distinctive beer. What more to desire on your vacation in the Zugspitze Region!

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