The Murnau Coffee Roasting House

    A visit to one of the best coffee sommeliers worldwide

    • Kaffee und Espresso aus der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Kaffeebohnen werden in der Roesterei in Murnau im Blauen Land veredelt
    • Gaeste genießen frisch geroesteten Kaffee aus der Zugspitz-Region
    • Geniesser kommen in der Murnauer Kaffeeroesterei voll auf ihre Kosten

    A coffee in the morning keeps the doctor away? Coffee sommelier Thomas Eckel would probably agree! What greater pleasure than to spend a carefree vacation in the heart of one of the most diverse vacation regions in Bavaria where Thomas Eckel fulfilled his dream: Since 2009, visitors can taste his dream in the form of an excellent cup of coffee in the town of Murnau in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.


    It's all about the beans

    Thomas Eckel's vocabulary does not include the German saying, "Das interessiert mich nicht die Bohne" ("that doesn't interest me worth a bean"). Quite the opposite is actually true. At the Murnau Coffee Roasting House, the beans and composition of the individual kinds of coffee play a key role. The trained and qualified chief coffee sommelier and roasting master knows what counts in a fine coffee. His know-how and skills are also highly valued in the region - he delivers coffee to regional cafés, restaurants, hotels, and bakeries. In the year 2009, he opened his own small café in the Coffee Roasting House in Murnau, a must-see on your vacation in the Blue Land.


    Coffee workshops and barista courses in the Blue Land

    Perhaps you are a coffee enthusiast and want to learn some of the secrets of this uniquely tasting product of beans? Then sign up now for a coffee workshop or a barista course during your vacation. A barista course takes three to four hours and is an ideal highlight for your vacation in the Blue Land. Take a sample of a regional art craft from traditional Bavaria back home with you and treat your friends and family to a truly good cup of coffee - you will find out how it is produced at the Coffee Roasting House in Murnau. Find out more about the Murnau Coffee Roasting House at

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