Regional products with a tradition

    Typically Bavarian: Werdenfelser Bergschafzüchter - sheep breeders of Werdenfels

    • Das Murnau-Werdenfelser Rind stammt aus der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Klares Wasser der Bergseen im Zugspitzland bei Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Zuhause in den Bergen ist das Werdenfelser Bergschaf

    The Werdenfels mountain sheep has a very old tradition in Zugspitzland. It is almost impossible to imagine a Bavarian menu that does not include a dish with mutton. In select inns and restaurants, delicious dishes are prepared with the tender and tasty meat. Well then: an Guadn - enjoy your meal!


    Products from the Werdenfels sheep

    The Werdenfels mountain sheep was originally a cross between the Steinschaf and the Bergamaskerschaf, also known as the Stone Sheep and the Bergamasca sheep. Its long, drooping ears are a main characteristic of this medium-sized even-toed ungulate. The meat of the lambs and young sheep is very popular. However, the meat of the older sheep is also used: for example, in the processing of sheep's sausage, Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages), Kochsalami (cooked salami), hard-cured sausage, or Leberkäse (Bavarian meatloaf). The wool of the Werdenfels mountain sheep is made into knitting wool, rugs, or insulation material.


    The life of a Werdenfels sheep

    A Werdenfels sheep enjoys a pleasant life where it can run around free outdoors. The herds graze in pastures in the mountains and valleys in the summer. The sheep only eat grass and herbs that are indigenous to this region. Life outdoors and their natural diet have a positive influence on the taste of the meat and the quality of the sheep's wool.


    On time for the farmers' weeks, they are led back into the valley with ringing and clanging bells where they spend the winter. Why not come and test the quality of the products of the Werdenfels mountain sheep for yourself?


    You will confirm that a vacation in the Zugspitze Region has a lot to offer. Numerous memorable experiences await you here!

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