Small and exquisite: the Ettal Brewery

    “Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt’s” (hops and malt, God preserve them)!

    • Ausstellung zur Herstellung von Bier in Ettal
    • Fassmacherei in Kloster Ettal in der Klosterbrauerei
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    Beer brewed by monks - at the Ettal Klosterbrauerei (the Ettal Abbey Brewery), the monks still brew beer using traditional methods. A tour of the brewery and the attached brewery museum is always a special treat in more than one respect. Learn about the 400 exciting years of uninterrupted history of production of the brew of hops and malt and taste a drop or two of the final product.


    Beer brewed according to the Bavarian purity law

    Water is the number one ingredient in a glass of beer. Crystal-clear source water with a very low sodium content from the Ammergau Alps is used for the Ettal beer. The monks have been brewing beer since 1609, always strictly observing the Bavarian purity law.

    The development of beer brewing in Bavaria has been closely linked to monasteries. On the one hand, the beer in the monasteries was generally brewed for larger numbers of people. On the other hand, the monks also served the beer they made in their monastery taverns and pilgrimage houses later on.


    Brewery history on a surface of 400 m2 (4306 ft2)

    The Ettal Distillery and Brewery Museum founded in 1998 is an unparalleled attraction. The four centuries of the history of the Ettal Abbey Brewery are documented, there is an exhibit of historic brewery equipment, and visitors learn about beer brewing, all on an exhibit area of 400 m2 (4306 ft2).


    Kloster Ettal, the Ettal Abbey, was founded in 1330, whereas the Abbey Brewery wasn't founded until the year 1609. On April 11, 1618, after negotiations with the Duke of Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria, the long awaited "Beer Concession" arrived. It officially entitled the monastery to produce and sell their beer.


    A visit to the Ettal Brewery during a vacation in the Ammergau Alps is always a special treat. Cheers! Enjoy your visit!

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