Hofladen at Schweb, the farm shop in Klais

    Sheer delight – the best things come from the local region

    • Produkte aus der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen gibt es im Hofladen beim Schweb
    • Regionale Produkte inkaufen im Urlaub im Hofladen beim Schweb
    • Regionale Kosmetikprodukte wie Seife aus Schafmilch gibt es im Klaiser Hofladen

    A small, exquisite farm shop in the heart of the magnificent Alpenwelt Karwendel region. Select specialties from Bavaria - top quality regional products made and processed by hand. Sounds like a model business in a picture book! Well, that would be a fitting description of the Hofladen farm shop in Klais. Because taste and tradition still play an important role in the farm shop in Klais, even today. Vacationers come from near and far for that very reason. Locals, too, though, value the fine quality of the Schweb farm shop's homemade regional products and are therefore regular customers.


    Homegrown quality from the Zugspitze Region and Bavaria

    The shopkeepers' love of tradition and the local region is reflected in their products. The large selection of goods includes dairy products, noodles, mountain honey, herbs, and local spirits in addition to fresh meats and sausages. You will find nothing but the best from Bavaria in this deli shop.


    A special label for the Hofladen farm shop in Klais

    The Hofladen farm shop is a member of the popular marketing organization for regional products, Unser Land. The network is aimed at sustaining the bases of existence for humans, plants, and animals in the local region. This requires a varied commitment with a strong orientation to consumers. Consumption guided by awareness strengthens the region's valuable diversity.


    The perfect souvenir of your vacation

    Are you still looking for the ideal souvenir of your vacation in Bavaria? How about some of the local products from the Hofladen farm shop in Klais? That way, you can continue to indulge in typically Bavarian fashion back home! Revive the wonderful memories of your vacation in the Zugspitze Region while enjoying a sumptuous meal or snack at your own dining table or picnic table.

    Treat yourself to a vacation in the Zugspitze Region, one of Bavaria's most beautiful vacationlands with a living tradition. Don't wait: request information about the numerous vacation options offered by the Zugspitze Region today!


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