Beer tradition at Brauerei Mittenwald, the Mittenwald Brewery

    Tradition with a fine taste…

    • Die saftig gruenen Wiesen in der Zugspitz-Region verleihen dem Murnau-Werdenfelser Rind seinen besonders guten Geschmack
    • Das Murnau-Werdenfelser Rind stammt aus der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Auf saftigen Weidewiesen in der Zugspitz-Region ist das Murnau-Werdenfelser Rind zuhause

    In Bavaria, traditions are still practiced and form an important of the annual calendar of events today. Production of the typical Bavarian beer is a special practice. At Brauerei Mittenwald, the Mittenwald Brewery, a small brewery in the heart of Alpenwelt Karwendel, beer is still brewed in keeping with the tradition of the forefathers' handicraft of brewing using pure mountain water in strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian purity law). After the first sip already, you can taste how lovingly and carefully the brew masters work when producing their product.

    Mittenwald beer tradition - moments of pure enjoyment on your vacation

    Ten different kinds of beer are produced at the Mittenwald Brewery, the private brewery with the highest altitude in Germany. The criterion when selecting the raw ingredients is premium quality from the local region. The best hops from the Hallertau region and malt from Upper Bavaria lend the different types of beer their unique flavor and properties. The water for the production comes from the "Stell" at the Lautersee lake, an own source that the brewery has been using since 1830. Today still, water is an important component for the very unique properties of the Mittenwald beer specialties.


    When it comes to Bavarian beer, nothing but the best is good enough.

    Bavarians don't fool around when it comes to beer - here, nothing but the best is good enough. This is the principle that the Neuner family has worked by since 1860 when they took over the brewery. Each brew is separately boiled, fermented and stored for an average of six to eight weeks to allow it to develop its own unique flavor and properties - all of which are steps that large beer producers reject as unprofitable. As you see, tradition still plays an important role in Mittenwald - which you will be able to taste, feel, and experience firsthand during your vacation in the Zugspitze Region.


    Convince yourself and enjoy unforgettable moments in the most beautiful vacation destination with what are arguably the richest traditions in Bavaria: the magnificent Zugspitze Region.

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