Colorful history in the heart of Mittenwald

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already appreciated Mittenwald as a living picture book

    • Mittenwald typisch Bayerisches Dorf am Fusse des Karwendel
    • Lueftlmalerei im historischen Ortsteil Gries in Mittenwald in der Zugspitz-Region
    • Geigenskulptur in der Geigenbaumetropole Mittenwald in der Alpenwelt Karwendel

    "Mittenwald, a living picture book" - this is was what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already recognized when he came to Mittenwald in the year 1786. The Baroque Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul and many colorful Lüftlmalerei mural paintings on historic façades still spread unique traditional flair in Mittenwald, the violin building capital in the Bavarian Alps.


    "Gries", the oldest part of Mittenwald, also attracts both visitors and locals like a magnet. This charming historic area is especially popular as a meeting point for young and old in the summertime.


    What better way to spend a balmy summer evening than letting time pass away while chilling in an outdoor restaurant or café. Here you can sit next to the small creek running through the center of the pedestrian zone and admire the "Giant Violin", a symbol of the 330-year-old tradition of violin building in Mittenwald and popular subject for photos, with the Karwendel mountains in the background. While enjoying the best hours of the year in the unique atmosphere of the Obermarkt part of town, the picturesque narrow street, Ballenhausgasse, or the oldest part of Mittenwald in Gries, you will surely agree that a visit to the historic center of Mittenwald is a must-do on a vacation in Alpenwelt Karwendel. If you wish to find out more about the interesting history of this town, you can book a cost-free walking tour.


    A small tip from your vacation advisors for the Karwendel Alpine World - in the summer, you are cordially invited to the concerts by the local band of Mittenwald that are held several times a week in the "Puit" spa park.


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