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    Show me your heartbeat and I will tell you what is good for you - the Ammergau Alps are the first Lebensfeuer® region in Germany. The pleasant-sounding name, Lebensfeuer®, stands for a sophisticated method of providing information about our individual state of health and personal wellbeing. As a Lebensfeuer® Region, the Ammergau Alps offer an opportunity to find out more about yourself through a Lebensfeuer® - fire of life - measurement. The Ammergau Alps vacation region also offers a host of programs, treatments, and tips tuned to your individual needs.


    The registered trademark, Lebensfeuer®, stands for the innovative analysis of heart rate variability - the intervals between the individual heartbeats - which provides information on vitality, biological age, quality of sleep, and general state of health. The heart rate variability can be measured at home already by a long-term ECG. The data collected is visualized on the Lebensfeuer® portal where an image of a blazing or smoldering fire appears. A professional, personal coaching session in the Ammergau Alps forms the core of every Lebensfeuer® measurement. Everything that had positive or negative effects on the person's wellbeing during the past 24 hours is shown step-by-step during this session. Afterwards, experts use the results to assign the visitor to one of the impulse groups, "Activation", "Regeneration", or "Balance", and develop an individual vacation program during a detailed counseling session that fully matches the needs of the visitor who is seeking rest and their state of health. Be it a bath of mountain pine healing mud from an alpine marshland, a walk on the Meditation Path, or a challenging hike to the top of one of the popular peaks - everyone is sure to find their individual time out in the picture-perfect Bavarian Alps. The Lebensfeuer®-Region also has numerous accommodations that specialize in medical wellness and have diverse offers permitting guests to recharge and invigorate.


    In the Ammergau Alps, a Lebensfeuer - fire of life - measurement is available as a package with an ECG device on loan, 24-hour measurement, a personal coaching session, and a detailed analysis of the data and recommendations based on the results for € 189.

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