The Scheibum gorge: a unique spectacle of nature

    Experience the forces of water

    • Die Ammer fliesst durch die Ammergauer Alpen an Oberammergau vorbei
    • Mit dem Kajak auf der Ammer bei der Scheibum
    • Kajakurlaub in den Ammergauer Alpen

    During the early moraine age, around 120,000 years ago, the Ammer River carved its way through the hilly landscape between the Ammer River and the Loisach River after leaving the Alps. The spectacular Ammer gorge between Altenau and Peißenberg was formed as a result. At this place around 15 km (9.3 mi.) from the source, the Ammer River cut the impressive deep gorge, the Scheibum. It is 600m (1969 ft.) long, up to 80m (262 ft.) deep, and was already declared a protected natural landscape in 1949.


    The cliffs of the Scheibum are made of marlstone and sandstone. The different layers of rock that resulted when the Alps were formed by folding around 25-30 million years ago - natural limestone, clay, white and gray quartz, and slate - can all be seen clearly here. The Scheibum is part of the Meditation Path and is considered a place of rest and a power spot where you can let go and experience nature at its best at the same time. Here, silvery cliffs meet turquoise-green water, a place to pause, listen to nature, and sharpen your power of perception.


    The source of the Ammer river is in the Graswang valley. It flows from the Ammer mountain range, empties into the Ammer Lake north of Weilheim, comes out as the Amper River, and later merges with the Isar River near Moosburg. The Ammer River valley is one of the most beautiful and pristine river valleys in the northern Limestone Alps. The river has a total length of 185 km.

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