My journey through time

    The Ammergau Alps Cultural Mile

    • Kreuzigungsgruppe, Oberammergau, König Ludwig, Kulturmeile
    • Kulturmeile, Oberammergau, Bad Bayersoien, Ammergauer Alpen, Lüftlmalerei
    • Moor, Bad Kohlgrub, Ammergauer Alpen, Kulturmeile
    • Wetzstein, Unterammergau, Ammergauer Alpen, Kulturmeile

    Embark on a journey through time in the Ammergau Alps on your vacation. Along the Cultural Mile, 18 cultural highlights are waiting to be discovered by you in an extraordinary fashion. How does that work? At each of the 18 stations, there is an interesting audio presentation that you can listen to with your own mobile phone. Enjoy your journey through time with the Audio Guide and discover the cultural heritage of the Ammergau Alps. The only costs incurred are your provider's costs for one phone call to a German land line.


    The Oberammergau Cultural Mile was already established in 2010 in order to bundle the town's cultural stations. In Oberammergau, a footpath with six of the most important sights was established where visitors could listen to some brief information on their mobile phone at any time.

    The footpath through the center of town starts at the Passion Theater and leads past the Oberammergau Museum and then to the Pilatushaus. From there, the path continues in a southerly direction to the St. Peter and Paul parish church and then to the final two stations, the Forstamt (forest service station) and the Dedler House. During the peak months, up to 8,000 guests tune in to the information about the six stations.


    The project was so successful, that the Cultural Mile was extended to include the entire Ammergau Alps region in the summer of 2012: Kloster Ettal (Ettal Abbey), Schloss Linderhof (Linderhof Palace), and the Wieskirche UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site are but three of the 18 stations. Besides buildings, the Cultural Mile also includes historic events and special geographic features. For example, visitors can call the local phone number, 08822 / 8241-710, and listen to a three-minute talk on the history of the spa town of Bad Kohlgrub or find out the most important facts about whetstone production in Unterammergau by calling 08822 / 8241-420. The only costs are those charged by your provider for a phone call to a German land line.


    The other nine stations are: the Hörnle mountain, the Rottenbuch Abbey, the Kappel in Unterammergau, the Dorfstraße (village street) of the spa town of Bad Bayersoiern, the crucifixion group in Oberammergau, the Laber mountain of Oberammergau and the Sonnunuhren (sun clocks) of Bad Bayersoien. Visitors can select from three languages (German, English, and Italian) for all of the stations.

    Folding regional maps and the brochure, "My Journey through Time", with information on all of the 18 stations are available for the Culture Mile. The inside covers of the two print products contain lovingly produced drawings by Hermann Wiegand from Oberammergau and show images that are typical of the region: a Roman and a monk, King Ludwig II, and a merchant on a "Rottwagen" (horse-drawn carriage). All of these information materials are available free of charge at the tourist information offices and at

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