Dirndl meets jeans, mini skirt meets Lederhosen

    Enjoy care-free southern flair and Bavarian Gemütlichkeit and hospitality

    • Sehr beliebt bei Gaesten sind die Fischerstechen auf dem Staffelsee im Blauen Land
    • Biergartenstimmung beim Seefest am Staffelsee in der Zugspitz-Region Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    • Am Abend erleben Besucher des Seefests in Uffing ein traumhaftes Feuerwerk
    • Schifffahrt mit der MS Seehausen auf dem Staffelsee in der Zugspitz-Region

    After the sun goes down in the deep red waters of the Staffelsee lake, hundreds of lights illuminate the merrymaking on the shore. You will have unforgettable memories of wonderful times in a picture-perfect setting to take home: at the Murnau LIDO beach for a musical sundowner, at the Lake Fest on the lawn of Seehausen boat launch grounds with Bavarian music and dancing, or at the Alpenblick beer garden in Uffing to watch the boat parade with lanterns and brilliant fireworks.


    In the morning go for a swim in the soft waters of Staffelsee, in the evening enjoy an awesome sunset framed by the peaks of the Alps to traditional Bavarian music in merry company: you will never have a dull moment on your vacation in the Blue Land. Walk along the shore and find a secluded spot where you can hear the lapping of the waves while gazing at the stars with the sound of Bavarian music in the distance. Or you can join in the fun and enjoy fresh beer on tap, maybe drink a toast with the other folks at your table. Even if you don't understand the Bavarian dialect, communication is no problem at a Bavarian fest! Get a taste of Oktoberfest with Bratwurst sausages and giant baked pretzels while watching traditional Goaßlschnalzen and Schuhplattler performances by the locals. You may even want to dance a few steps with a Bavarian girl in a Dirndl or a Bavarian lad in Lederhosen. Come and celebrate summer at a Staffelsee Lake Fest on your vacation in the Blue Land! Or, if it's romance you're looking for, you can go on a moonlight ride or a Schmankerl ride featuring live music with food and drinks on the Seehausen excursion boat. The schedule is available at the Tourist Information offices in the Blue Land.

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