They found Murnau so beautiful, they stayed there

    Gabriele Münter bought herself a house where she lived with Wassily Kandinsky for five years.

    • Ausschnitt aus dem Gemaelde Abend in Murnau
    • Ausstellung Blaue Welten im Schlossmuseum Murnau
    • Der Gabriele Muenter-Platz in Murnau im Blauen Land

    The Münter House is reminiscent of the period from 1909 to 1914 when Gabriele Münter lived, worked, and did gardening here with Wassily Kandinsky in the summer months. Jawlensky, Werefkin, Marc, and Macke were among the artists who visited them. With them, they explored new avenues in art. This is where Kandinsky paved the way for abstract art. The idea of publishing the almanac, "The Blue Rider", was also born here. It was to become one of the most important programmatic publications in the field art in the German-speaking world in the 20th century.

    In Murnau, you will encounter the tracks of the Blue Rider artists again and again:

    Schlossmuseum Murnau, the museum in a castle The permanent exhibit with paintings, sketches, and prints by Gabriele Münter as well as by artists of the New Artists' Association of Munich and the Blue Rider group forms the core of the Schlossmuseum Murnau. Paintings and graphics by Marianne von Werefkin, Alexej Jawlensky, and Wassily Kandinsky bear witness to how fascinated these artists were by the town and its surroundings.


    The Schlossmuseum is open on holidays and daily except Mondays, 10 AM to 5 PM. The only exceptions are in the summer (until 6 PM) and during the four weeks of Advent before Christmas (from 1 PM) Schlossmuseum Murnau Schlosshof 2 - 5 82418 Murnau Germany Tel. +49 (0)8841/476-207 (cashier), +49 (0)8841/476-201 (office) Homepage


    The Münter House

    Painter Gabriela Münter lived in the house until her death in 1962. It is furnished with the original furniture, mural paintings, and pictures from the time when she and Kandinsky lived here together and is open to visitors from 2 PM to 5 PM daily except Mondays. Münter Haus Kottmüllerallee 6 82418 Murnau Germany Tel. +49(0)8841/628880

    An art walking tour of Murnau Information boards showing paintings by the artists have been put up at nine of Kandinsky's and Münter's painting places. You can compare the real scene with the painters' view. The companion guide book is available free of charge at the Murnau Tourist Information office.


    The painters of the Blue Rider group in Murnau

    A presentation with double-slide projection shows the living conditions of the artists of the Blue Rider group in Murnau and surroundings along with their artistic development before World War I. The subsequent tour offering visitors an opportunity to compare the original subjects with the corresponding paintings rounds off this informative journey through time. Information about the tours and dates is available at the Murnau Tourist Information office.


    Guided cycling tours in the tracks of the Blue Rider

    • Through the Murnau Moorland The 3 - 3 ½ hour cycling tour includes explanations at the original painting places of the artists of the Blue Rider group and comparisons with their paintings. You will gain insights into how they lived and enjoy a picnic at one of the most beautiful viewpoints.
    • To Kochel and Benediktbeuern This is planned as a two-day cycling tour. On the 1st day, the tour (25 km) leads from Murnau to Kochel, past the original painting places of the Blue Rider artists. A visit to the Franz Marc Museum rounds off the day. The 2nd day (35 km) follows the Loisach river to the monastery, Kloster Benediktbeuern, and then passes through the town of Sindelsdorf where Franz Marc lived.

    Registration and information: Elisabeth Eberth Tel. +49 (0)8856/8037654 or +49 (0)1520/6097307.

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